The "Accent On Africa Project" (AOAP) is a subcategory of the "DREAM LEARN CREATE COMMUNITY" (DLCC). The AOAP is a community of learners that center their focus on the continent of Africa and its many countries and communities within. This project was started by Robert Hrabluk in 2010 and is stationed out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Below are some pictures from when I visited Uganda and brought musical instruments to Fisher Branch Kalagala High School. Together with the students, we began establishing a music foundation at the school that is still thriving today. The school is located in the small remote village of Mpigi, which is about two hours outside the capital city of Kampala.

Since my leaving in 2010, the music program has grown and the AOAP has sent funding to aid in the building of sidewalks around the school grounds. Additionally, the AOAP has helped fund the University education of two Fisher Branch Kalagala students.

You can also access the "Accent On Africa Project" by visiting the link below: