True Beauty

by Robert Hrabluk & Students from Louis Riel School Division

Released 2015
Robert Hrabluk
Released 2015
Robert Hrabluk
A folk listener's delight - The combination of acoustic guitar and vocal make for a simple yet compelling equation with answers that will bring the listener's ears back time and time again.

1. True Beauty Poem (Read By: Tiana Kriegl)
2. Don’t Change (Vocal: Kyra Dyck)
3. Magazine Girl (Vocal: Payton Chan, Victoria De Guzman, Melissa Kriegl)
4. Waiting For A Sign (Vocal: Emily Mak)
5. On A Summer’s Day (Vocal: Sofia Friesen, Laine Perring, Elia Ruiz-Fuentez-Holt)
6. Head Over Heels (Vocal: Angelina Zahajko)
7. If You Don’t (Vocal: Karly Mowbray)
8. Bring Me Down (Dedicated To Malala Yousafzai) [Vocal: Gabriela Gesualdo]
9. Judgment Day (Vocal: Tristen Ryz)
10. Rain (Korean Vocal: Eileen Cho)
11. Judgment Day (Reprise) [Vocal: Claralleyne Westmore]

Guitar Players (Various Tracks): Sunjin Han, Robert Hrabluk, Lexie Jaculak.

All lyrics and music written and composed by Robert Hrabluk except for lyrics and melodic material for “Don’t Change” written by Kyra Dyck, lyrics and melodic material for “Head Over Heels” written by Angelina Zahajko, Korean lyrics and melodic material for “Rain” written by Eileen Cho and the melodic material and music for the verse of “On A Summer’s Day,” composed by Sofia Friesen, Laine Perring and Elia Ruiz-Fuentez-Holt.

This project will help to fundraise money for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, and The Israel Idonije Foundation.

A special thank you to:

The Superintendent of Louis Riel School Division: Duane Brothers

The Arts Coordinator of Louis Riel School Division: Ingrid Pedersen

The administration of all three schools: Darcy Cormack/Darren Baker (Island Lakes Community School), Dave Everley (Nordale), Henri Peloquin/Gregory Meade/Charlene Smallwood (J.H. Bruns).

Randy Haley for continuing to inspire students in his Guitar Program at J.H. Bruns.

Travis Barre at Nordale School for taking out time at lunch to work with his “Strings and Sings” Program.

Diana Lang (Minnetonka School) for supervising students on the recording days.

The students, staff and parents involved in this project from Island Lakes Community School, Nordale School and J.H. Bruns Collegiate.

Our Recording Engineer, Kurt Krezanski, for taking the time to work on our project.

Cover Design: Robert Hrabluk

Recorded at Island Lakes Community School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on April 25 and May 9, 2015.

Copyright 2015 Robert Hrabluk (Filed Under CIPO)

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