Sunshine & Rainbows

by Robert Hrabluk & Louis Riel School Division

Released 2018
Robert Hrabluk
Released 2018
Robert Hrabluk
A collection of reflective songs meant to inspire and aid in making the world a better place. The tracks feature a mixture of guitar with solo voice, and various children's choirs, which make for an entertaining listen.

1. Sunshine & Rainbows (Island Singers/Nordale Choir)
2. Hey Listen Up! (Island Singers)
3. Lonely (Gabriela Gesualdo)
4. Love (Nordale Choir)
5. Riel-evate Your Heart (Island Singers/Nordale Choir)
6. Riel-evate (Dave Everley)

This project will fundraise money for: RIEL-EVATE (Louis Riel School Division)

A very special thanks to Ingrid Pedersen, Dave Everley, Heidi Serger, David Stark, & Gabriela Gesualdo.

Songs & Lyrics: Dave Everley (Riel-evate Your Heart, Riel-evate); Gabriela Gesualdo (Lonely); Robert Hrabluk (Sunshine & Rainbows, Hey Listen Up!, Love, arr. Riel-evate Your Heart).

Recording Engineer: Kurt Krezanski
Cover Design: Robert Hrabluk
Recorded on May 10, 2018.
Copyright 2018 Robert Hrabluk. All Rights Reserved (Filed under C.I.P.O.)

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