Moving Forward

by Gabriela Gesualdo

Released 2018
Robert Hrabluk
Released 2018
Robert Hrabluk
Songs filled with life, love, happiness, sorrow, joy, and heartbreak.
Moving Forward

1. Never Said Enough
2. Lonely
3. Borrowed Time

Vocal: Gabriela Gesualdo
Backing Vocal: Robert Hrabluk (Never Said Enough)
Guitar: Gabriela Gesualdo (Lonely); Robert Hrabluk (Borrowed Time, Never Said Enough)
Composers: Gabriela Gesualdo (Lonely); Robert Hrabluk (Borrowed Time, Never Said Enough).

Gabriela wants to thank: Robert Hrabluk and Kurt Krezanski for their hard work and countless hours over the years making these projects come to life. Randy Haley for always pushing me to write and create, and my parents for always supporting my music. Each of these people have sculpted me into the musician and performer that I am today, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Robert wants to thank: Gabriela for always dedicating her extraordinary talents to these projects. The past decade would not have been the same musically without you.

Recording Engineer: Kurt Krezanski
Mastering Engineer: Brian Lipski (The Sound Lab)
Cover Design: Robert Hrabluk
Recorded on May 10, 2018.
Copyright 2018 Gabriela Gesualdo/Robert Hrabluk. All Rights Reserved (Filed under C.I.P.O.)

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