Monk the Bird gets Dizzy

by Robert Hrabluk & The East Side Jazz Band

Released 04/12/2012
Robert Hrabluk
Released 04/12/2012
Robert Hrabluk
A tribute to the musical legacy of Thelonious Monk, Charlie "Bird" Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Note the clever title "Monk the Bird gets Dizzy," this music blends together these three artist's traditions and is performed by The East Side Jazz Band.
Monk the Bird gets Dizzy 

1. Monk the Bird gets Dizzy (4:19)

2. Monk the Bird gets Dizzy - alternate take (4:14)

Composed by Robert Hrabluk and performed by "The East Side Jazz Band." 

Trumpet solos performed by Andrew Littleford. 

Alto I - Graham Dion 
Alto II - Miguel Bérubé
Tenor I - Mike Carter
Tenor II - Monica Jones
Baritone - Cheri Foster

Tpt. 1 - Dan Steinhilber
Tpt. 2 - Andrew Littleford
Tpt. 3 – Cynthia Weevers
Tpt. 4 - Randy Robbins

Tbn. 1 - Jeremy Pang
Tbn. 2 - Hubert Grenier
Tbn. 3 - DJ Oakes-Munro
Bass Tbn. - Bill Green

Rhythm Section:
Piano - Robert Hrabluk
Bass - Devon Gillingham
Drums - Robb Balacko
Congas – Victoria Sparks (Track 1 only)

Engineer - Kurt Krezanski

Thank you to "The East Side Jazz Band" & Kurt Krezanski for making this recording a reality. Please know that you are all beyond category & appreciated above what words can describe. 

Recorded on March 20, 2012 at Transcona Collegiate Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA.  
Copyright 2012 Robert Hrabluk (Filed Under CIPO)

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