by Gabriela Gesualdo & Tiana Kriegl

Released 04/12/2012
Robert Hrabluk
Released 04/12/2012
Robert Hrabluk
A cool blend of two superb female vocalists and their guitar. Folk elements are mixed in with a little urban spice here and there to create a fantastic listen. Gabriela and Tiana's songwriting skills are unparalleled and fully showcased on this album.

1. Scream (2:23)
2. Superman (2:29)
3. It Should Be That Way (Unplugged Version) (1:46)
4. Who You Are (2:21)
5. Changing This Whole World Around (2012 Version) (4:02) 
6. Let Go (3:18)

Vocal: Gabriela Gesualdo; Tiana Kriegl.
Vocal Rap on "Let Go": Jeremy Minani. 
Guitar: Gabriela Gesualdo; Robert Hrabluk; Tiana Kriegl.  
Bass/Keyboards/Drum Set & Percussion: Robert Hrabluk. 

Gabriela wishes to thank:
My wonderful parents and older brother who have been my inspiration throughout this process.  They have taught me that along the way there will be some bumpy paths but that I shouldn't be afraid to take them.  I have learned to trust that they will be there if I trip along the way.

My bestfriend, Tiana Kriegl, with whom I work to develop our performances and write our songs.  We help each other to overcome nerves and reach new musical heights.  It is because of Tiana that I have pushed myself to keep working hard in pursuit of my dreams. 

Tiana wishes to thank:
My family, who have continually supported me in my songwriting.  They have always been there to listen and give input on my songs.  My family has proven to me time and time again that I will never be walking alone on my path, and that I will always have someone to turn to.
Gabriela Gesualdo has been an amazing friend throughout the process of making this CD and has been even more amazing in every other aspect in my life.  She is the reason I push myself to be better, as she is someone I look up to.
Gabriela and Tiana would like to send a special thanks to:
Our guitar teacher, Mr Hrabluk, for being the reason we started singing and playing guitar.  He pushed us to start performing with friends at school functions, which turned into gigs at local shopping malls.  This opened the doors to auditions and finally the recording of this CD.  We have always had a passion for music, but if it wasn't for him we would not know the talent we have.

Also, Kurt Krezanski for taking the time to record us and put all of the songs together. 

A note of thanks to Gabriela and Tiana from Robert Hrabluk:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gabriela and Tiana for their immense contribution to our ILCS community and to the many areas of the world that they have touched with their music.  The "Canadian Museum For Human Rights," "Fisher Branch Kalagala High School" in Mpigi, Uganda (Africa), and the "Free The Children Foundation" have all benefited from Gabriela and Tiana's musical contributions and fundraising efforts.  I wish them both the very best that life has to offer and hope that our paths will cross again someday.  Much love and may all of your dreams come true. 

Recorded at Island Lakes Community School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Saturday, March 17, 2012. 

Recording Engineer: Kurt Krezanski
Cover/CD Design: G. Gesualdo; R. Hrabluk; T. Kriegl. 
The proceeds raised from this CD will benefit the "Free the Children Foundation."

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