Love You Forever

by Tanja Nachtigall (T Nacht Trio)

Released 04/25/2010
Robert Hrabluk
Released 04/25/2010
Robert Hrabluk
A beautifully rich, spiritually fulfilling, example of mixing Gospel soul music with a hint of country flavor.
Love You Forever (3:58) (composed by R. Hrabluk)

Performed by: T Nacht Trio

Tanja Nachtigall - Lead Vocal
Robert Hrabluk - Piano & Strings
Reno Gerl - Bass & Backing Vocal

Thank you to all our family, friends, and fellow musicians that continually inspire and challenge us to move forward with our dreams. This song is dedicated to you all. Thank you to Reno Gerl for his wonderful support in recording this trio. Tanja (a.k.a. "Nachy"), God has blessed you with a wonderful gift, continue to use it to inspire others to fulfill their dreams.

All love;
Robert Hrabluk

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