Inauguration '09: Dare To Dream

by Robert Hrabluk

Released 06/16/2009
Released 06/16/2009
In 2009, the first African-American was elected President of The United States of America. This composition highlights key points in the struggle of human equality all the way from the slave trade to the Inauguration Day of President Barack Hussein Obama.
Inauguration '09: DARE TO DREAM

I. Salvation...Humiliation

II. Frustration...Degradation

III. Emancipation...Proclamation

IV. Segregation...Determination

V. Jubiliation...Obligation

Bonus Track: Composer's Notes (read by Robert Hrabluk)

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this musical fundraising opportunity possible.

A special thanks to: President Barack Hussein Obama for proving one can dare to dream. Mr. Obama has also displayed that in the midst of turmoil, one must strive to find the positive and move forward in search of a solution.

Thanks to: Nordale Students in grades seven and eight who took the time to learn and record the music; Al Friesen (Nordale Principal) for his support and willingness to provide funding for the project; Heidi Serger (Nordale Elementary Music Teacher); and the entire staff at Nordale School for their love and support; Grade Eight students: Sabrina Rimban, Erica Slejko, and Laura McNaughton for the fabulous hand drawn CD cover and disc design; The Royal Winnipeg Ballet for their countless effort in providing transportation to and from the studio; The McNaughton family for their transportation efforts as well as Andrew for his incredible bass playing; Melanie Leslie for her support via the Air Command Band and Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) CHIPPAWA Band; Lydia Bahadori for her wonderful support and contributions to this project; Engineer Kurt Krezanski for taking the extra time in the studio to make this project the best it could be; and the parents of the Nordale students involved. It does take a village to raise a child and I am glad that I found my way to this village. From the bottom of my heart thank you. - Robert Hrabluk (Composer, Nordale Band Director)

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