Faraway Lights

by Brandon Pagtakhan & Liam Anderson

Released 05/16/2014
Robert Hrabluk
Released 05/16/2014
Robert Hrabluk
Songwriters meet Singers and the fun begins. Faraway Lights is a journey through life - the good and the not so good. Undoubtedly though, you will find at least one emotion to relate to.
Faraway Lights

Songs Inspired By: Brandon Pagtakhan and Liam Anderson

The proceeds raised from the sales of this CD will go to benefit the Israel Idonije Foundation

1. Hiding (L. Anderson, R. Hrabluk, B. Pagtakhan); Vocal: Sharuka Sambanthan
2. Time and Time Again (L. Anderson, R. Hrabluk, B. Pagtakhan); Vocal: Daniela Graca
3. Runaway (L. Anderson, R. Hrabluk, B. Pagtakhan); Vocal: Gabriela Gesualdo
4. Can’t Get Through To You (L. Anderson, R. Hrabluk, B. Pagtakhan); Vocal: Darren Reves
5. Together (L. Anderson, R. Hrabluk, B. Pagtakhan); Vocal: Tiana Kriegl
6. The Last Time (For Now) [L. Anderson, R. Hrabluk, B. Pagtakhan]; Vocal: Daniela Graca, Darren Reves

Special thanks go out to: The Louis Riel School Division, Ingrid Pedersen, and Christine Schroeder for their funding and support/ Darcy Cormack, Darren Baker, and Island Lakes Community School for their encouragement throughout this project/ Our singers Sharuka Sambanthan, Gabriela Gesualdo, Daniela Graca, Darren Reves, and Tiana Kriegl for lending their amazing vocal talents to this album/ Kurt Krezanski for his recording engineer expertise/ Robert Hrabluk for his help, guidance, and overall management of this project/ Brandon would like to thank his brother, his mom, and his dad for their inspiration and support for his musical endeavours/ Liam would like to thank his mom and dad for their support and encouragement.

Recorded at Island Lakes Community School in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on Saturday, March 8, 2014

Recording Engineer: Kurt Krezanski

Cover Design: L. Anderson, R. Hrabluk, D. Lang, B. Pagtakhan

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved (Filed under CIPO)

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