Accent On Africa (Island Lakes Community School 2012)

by Robert Hrabluk

Released 04/12/2012
Released 04/12/2012
A folk blend of fantastic singing, guitar playing, and songwriting artistry. This album features some great up and coming artists. The disc centers around life but focuses on worldly issues at the same time.
Accent on Africa: Songs for Uganda (Island Lakes Community School 2012)

1. Lost (2:57) (M. Fines; K. Fyke; R. Hrabluk; A. Peterson; S. Quach; R. Waschuk)
Vocal: Madison Fines; Kaylee Fyke; Alexa Peterson; Shanelle Quach.  
Guitar: Robert Hrabluk; Shaira Viray; Ryan Waschuk. 
Bass: Robert Hrabluk. 

2. Hold Onto Your Dreams (2:35) (K. Campbell; R. Hrabluk; T. Heese)
Vocal: Katelyn Campbell. 
Guitar: Robert Hrabluk; Taron Heese. 
Bass/Percussion: Robert Hrabluk. 

3. Scream (2:23) (G. Gesualdo; R. Hrabluk; T. Kriegl)
Vocal: Gabriela Gesualdo; Tiana Kriegl. 
Guitar: Gabriela Gesualdo; Robert Hrabluk; Tiana Kriegl.
Bass: Robert Hrabluk. 

4. Path of Life (2:51) (R. Hrabluk; V. Stewart)
Vocal: Vanessa Stewart. 
Piano: Robert Hrabluk. 

5. It Should Be That Way (Unplugged Version) (1:44) (G. Gesualdo; R. Hrabluk; T. Kriegl)
Vocal: Gabriela Gesualdo; Tiana Kriegl. 
Guitar: Gabriela Gesualdo; Robert Hrabluk; Tiana Kriegl. 
Bass/Percussion: Robert Hrabluk. 

Recorded at Island Lakes Community School on March 17, 2012 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

Recording Engineer: Kurt Krezanski

Cover Design: Aneet Goraya; Scarlett Hillhouse; Shrusti Patel; Keeley Ternovetsky; Dana Wakeford. 

The proceeds raised from this CD will benefit "Fisher Branch Kalagala High School" - Mpigi, Uganda (Africa). 

Thank you to all of the staff & students at Island Lakes Community School for their ongoing support in building our music community.  A special thanks to Darcy Cormack (Island Lakes Principal), Karen Yamada (Island Lakes Vice Principal), & Karen Tole-Henderson (Louis Riel School Division Music Coordinator) for their belief in this project. 

A special thanks to the Government of Canada, Ms. Nancy Allan (Minister of Education) & Ms. Beryl Peters (Manitoba Arts Education Consultant) for their support with this project. 

A big thank you to our engineer Kurt Krezanski, who made this project come alive. 

Thank you to all of the parents who made time to transport students throughout the recording session. 

In the summer of 2010, I taught at a school in Mpigi, Uganda (Africa). While there, I discovered that the most relevant life lessons are the ones that are learned by an entire community.  It does indeed take a village to raise a child but I feel the real reward comes when that child begins to share the lessons learned.  I feel that this project is an expression of that statement. 

- Robert Hrabluk (Guitar Teacher at Island Lakes Community School) 

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